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The main aim pursued by International Society of Psychology is the spread of Psychology in Italy and around the world in terms of knowledge.


The  "Psichepedia Network" Project was born to contribute concretely to the pursuit of this goal, in full compliance with one of the guiding principles which inspire ISP, under which


"... knowledge is a patrimony of humanity to which everyone must be able to have easy access ..."


Psichepedia Network is the Scientific Online Encyclopedia of Psychology and Neuroscience. Psichepedia Network is a "professional open-project" and an encyclopedia that is freely available and free from all, but whose content can only be written by professionals or experts in the field of mental health and neuroscience.


As the term itself says, Psichepedia Network consists of a network of thematic websites organized in a hierarchical structure consisting of a central site (Psichepedia.it) that acts as a portal for access to a growing number of thematic Satellites sites. For this reason we call all these websites "Psichepedia Network".


All sites in Psichepedia Network well as presenting the same graphics, report at the top left the Official Logo of Psichepedia Network.


Psichepedia.it therefore is a true portal that in addition to contain a large number of information related to an equally large number of categories and topics of Psychology and Neuroscience, has all the links to the sites of the thematic Psichepedia Satellites sites.


Satellite Sites are instead Thematic Sites or Web Sites that are focused on specific topics (such as anxiety, depression, etc..) to give users more and detailed information (of professional quality) on the subject thereof. To access the thematic sites just click on the appropriate links in the menu.








The Net Psichepedia can be defined as a "professional open-project" that is a project in which exclusively professionals enrolled in the professional registers and doctors in Psychology working in the fields of psychology and neuroscience can freely contribute, as teachers, as researchers or as workers in the private and public sectors.









Psichepedia is not a network of "opinionions" but it is a free encyclopedia that has scientific and professional character. All information published have been written by professionals in psychology and doctors in Psychology who are highly competent in the field of Psychology and Neuroscience. The quality of content is therefore controlled and guaranteed "upstream", i.e. from their source.


In fact the identity of the author and his real-declared membership in the professional category, is subjected to a rigid control by ISP, in order to prevent abuse.


The contents are subjected to inspection before being posted to guarantee the validity and quality of information provided by Psichepedia ..


In fact, psychologists who coordinate the Psichepedia Network Project and have subscribed to ISP, conduct periodic checks on new content from various professionals and reserve the full right not to publish or modify at any time and without notice,all those contents considered to be unfit and/ or not in accordance with the principles, values ​​and purposes pursued by ISP. The publications also can not contain any kind of direct or indirectadvertising, except for the name of the professional who signs the article (which could constitute a form of indirect advertising).








If you want to insert an article you must register on the Web site of Psichepedia in which you want to insert it . For reasons of safety and protection of personal data, registration made on a website of Psichepedia is not extended to all the sites that form the Net itself.


For each site (central or satellite) it will therefore be necessary to carry out a special registration. To publish the article in the desired site it is necessary and sufficient to register only at that site.


Registration is allowed only for professionals working in the fields of Psychology and Neuroscience and who are fully qualified to the declared profession, and for doctors with five-year degree in Psychology.


The registration to the web sites of Psichepedia Network is subjected to a rigid control by ISP.









All contents that are published on the websites of the Psichepedia Network, especially those relating to mental disorders, SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR ANY REASON AS TOOLS OF AUTO-DIAGNOSIS


In fact, a correct diagnosis can not be based only on information published in an encyclopedia that, however large and rich in topics, collects only a small percentage of scientific and cultural background of knowledge that a psychologist must possess.






In no case professionals who publish content on Psichepedia Network shall be liable for any damage caused by site users (readers) to themselves or to others because of misuse and / or illegal use of knowledge provided here. All potential users of the site decisions are taken in full autonomy and decision-making at their own risk. The information contained herein have purely informative and guidance nature, they can not substitute psicological and medical counseling, for which it's necessary an intervention of a duly authorized professional.


Considering the vastness of the project, although ISP is constantly striving to keep up to date contents on sites in the Psichepedia network, it does not undertake any obligation to update such material. All articles are signed by the authors who have created / published them, and they assume full responsibility for what is published under his own name, as specified in the terms and conditions of service of publication.


ISP does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the content posted. For further reading we suggest the direct consultation of specialized texts in the specific area of interest.


Note: the design and the beginning of the realization of this project dates back to September 1998 on the initiative of Dr. Alessio Penzo and Dr. Loredana Scalini belonging to the International Society of Psychology





For access Online Encyclopedia Psichepedia click on the link of the macro-section you want to see:









ISP wishes you a pleasant navigation.




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