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Psicocenter®Italy is the National Network of Psychologists and other professionals working in Mental Health, wellbeing and assistance in their own office (or the one in which they usually operate), all belonging and coordinated by ISP and Psicocenter®: the National Center for Psychology located in Rome Via Vittorio Veneto 108, run by non-profit association "ISP".


These professionals are selected from the ISP through a specially issued national selection trial.


After the drawing-up of a contract of professional collaboration with  ISP, the selected candidates will be part of the professional network and will work as professionals of Psicocenter®Italy in their own province, in their professional office, in local companies who will request their services and / or in the house of the Users / patients, according to the specific competences and availability offered by the Professional.


All Professionals of Psicocenter®Italy are coordinated by ISP and Psicocenter® (Rome) and, as Members of ISP, they share values, principles and rules of association, committing themself to operate in accordance with them: this is a further guarantee for the user / patient.


ISP manages all the information campaigns, promotional activities and advertising of professional services offered by professionals of Psicocenter®Italy in all Italy, as well as all other reservation service (online and telephone) for professional services in all the 120 Italian provinces.


All professional who perform their professional services as  professional of Psicocenter®Italy, are required to operate in accordance with these principles and rules, on pain of permanent expulsion from ISP and from Psicocenter®Italy.


Professional services performed by Psicocenter®Italy:


  • Psychological counseling in all the Italian provinces, at the offices of professionals
  • Psychological Services for companies around the national territory
  • Assistance and psychological support in their province (in the whole national territory)



Coordination and secretarial services carried out by ISP:


  • Online reservation (24 / 7) of the services listed through computer secure systems  (ssl) of Psicocenter®
  • Secretarial services and telephone booking for the professional services of the list.
  • Online payment services with credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Postepay, PayPal, others)
  • Services for payment by bank transfer
  • Secretarial services to request information online (24 / 7) and on telephone (office hours)



Each psychologist of Psicocenter®Italy has his own personalized calendar for reservations for the professional services he supplies at www.psicocenter.it. Every professional is free to establish the days and times when he becomes available, he communicates them to ISP, that will publish them in the professional personal booking form.


The User / Patient with a few clicks can make the reservations himself choosing the professional services for the day and time available; the user / patient can also make payments online by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express accepted) or offline through other methods of payment (bank transfer, postal order).


In addition, in office hours, the User / Patient can book a professional service by phone: in this case the user / patient will provide operators with all the required data.


For more information on how to make online reservations of services of Psicocenter®Italy, see the video guides of Psicocenter.it

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