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Modify your profile





You can view and modify your personal profile by logging in and clicking on "My Profile" located in the right menu. If your profile is not complete, we invite you to add the missing information.

To make changes to your profile, as putting a new photo or adding missing data, simply access your profile (by clicking on "My Profile" located on the right menu) and click on "Edit" located just above the space for photos.


We also suggest you to communicate to your local Professional Association, if required, your inclusion in this web site for advertising purposes. With the "Bersani law" in Italy is no longer required authorization for advertising, and some local professional associations ask to be only informed of this.


If you want your name to be removed from the National List of Psychologists of ISP, and you want your profile will not be published, please send us an email as soon as possible, we will remove it promptly.

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